Darra McClendon
Professional Organizer

Well hey there! Okay what can I tell you about me??? I’m simply… Darra.

I’ve been working in a variety of administrative roles for almost 10 years. I have experience in professional organizing, event management, project and nonprofit management. I love order. I love systems. I love simplicity. I am energized when I see things beginning to flow, make sense and come together.

I long to make a difference in the personal and professional lives of those being affected by a lack of order and organization. I am confident I can help you find a path to simplicity, saving your health, your time and your money.

Simply Ordered Solutions is an empowerment company dedicated to helping overwhelmed women and business owners establish the order they need in their daily lives. SOS teaches people how to become and stay organized, be more productive and create space for the things they love.

“From Clutter To Creation” is an ongoing campaign, sponsored by Simply Ordered Solutions, to increase awareness of how clutter affects our overall wellness, how to cut the clutter, clearing our minds and the spaces around us.

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